This is the website to see high school life in the late 1950's. This is Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona. The school opened in January, 1957. Members of the first graduating class, 1957, actually spent most of their years at Tucson High School. 
     There were no metal detectors; no security of any kind. Most of us had never even seen a marijuana cigarette. The biggest discipline problems were getting the boys to wear belts and "public display of affection." Usually not much more than the holding of hands by couples "going steady."
    Ike was president. There were 3 TV channels. 1 FM radio station, but nobody had an FM radio.  In the fall of 1957, the giant "Shower of Stars" rock and roll show appeared in the CHS gym with Fats Domino, Paul Anka, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and many other future legends. Admission was $2.50. 
    This website is a place for us to remember those great days.

     Thanks to Merlyn Bee, Class of '59 for saving and supplying us with these newspapers. 
     Here you'll see the very first edition of the Trojan Trumpeteer, Vol. 1, No. 1,  that appeared Sept. 14, 1956. It started on cheaper paper stock with a different masthead than we would come to know later. Soon it was published on more expensive, slick white enameled stock. This meant that 50 years later they did not yellow one bit...they look as good today as they did when the came off the printing press. 
     But, of course, we could afford it. We were known as the "Blueblood High School."  The school was so fancy when it opened the newspaper referred to it as "Disneyland."

     We don't have every issue of the paper, but we do have quite a few. We've even thrown in a copy of Tucson High's Cactus Chronicle from before we moved into our new digs.  We start in Sept. of 1956 and go through May of 1959. Enjoy.

     Click on the dates below for that issue. A PDF file will appear. Use the buttons at the top of the page to zoom in or out, and scroll down to be sure to see all the pages of that issue.  Be patient, these are big files, sometimes they take a while to load.  The more pages, the longer the wait...but it is well worth it. 
Catalina High School - Tucson, Arizona USA
Class Year 1956-1957
Class Year 1957-1958
Class Year 1958-1959
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 Headlines: Arts Classes Reveal Plans For Coming Year, "Hello Trojans," Says Gridley.    
Headlines: Merry Christmas And Happy New Year, Students Choose Royalty Finalists, Peanuts For Polio.
Headlines: President Kirby Smithe Greets All, Blue, White Day Observed, Dolly Peschon Here As Exchange Student.
Why not, after all, we were all going there in 1956.
Headlines: Class Of '58 Raids UA Campus Saturday, 
Tri-Hi-Y Splits, Choir Election.
Headlines: Prom Theme Revealed 'Summertime In Siam?'
Trojan Spears Sharpened For Pueblo Battle.
Headline: Peace On Earth...Good Will To Men
Headlines: Catalina High Notes It's First Birthday, Torch
Ball Held; Mary Lou, John Crowned Royalty 
Headlines: Homerooms Pick Trojan Royalty, Lettermen Back Post-game Dance; Object?-Money! 
Headlines: Karen Proclaimed Queen, Judy Maynard Is Y-Teens Delegate, Hodge Receives Elk Leadership.
Headlines: Boys, Girls Staters Chosen; Eleven To Go, 
Headlines: Susie Smith To Go Abroad, Organize Rincon, School To Take 105 CHS Pupils, NHS Candy Sale Nets $90.
Headlines: Sak, Jo Ann, Take Top Posts; Mary Helen, Susie Scribes. CHS Receives Accreditation, Voss Elected Prexy, Roof Veep for FHA.
Headlines: McLean, Smith Edit Trump, Stell, Morris, Moore Assist, HSS Elects Varga, Giles Chosen V-P.
Headlines: '58 Class Graduated, Seniors Cut School To Travel; Ditch Day Scene of Last Fling, '58 Trojan Trump
 is All-Arizona. 
Headlines: Voice of Catalina Will Soon Resume During Lunch Hours, Students Aid In CF Drive, Forum Solves Problems. 
Headlines: Jean Webb CHS Princess At Senior Day, Orchestra, Choir Give Annual Concert. 
Headlines: Catalina's Drama Department Presents "Three For Tonight", CHS Will Cheer Team At Scottsdale Friday, Trojan Debators Vie Against SHS
Headlines: Senior Prom Ten Days Away; Wayne Webb's Band Will Play, Turkey Platter Scheduled Following Pueblo Game, Winners Chosen In Poetry Contest. 
Headlines: Crown, Scepter To Be Awarded During Torch Dance, 28 Catalina Pupils Lead Honor Roll, Creative Writers Begin New Club.
Headlines: Professions Discussed At Career Night, Kick-Off Party Feb. 10, 11 Preparing For '59 Capers, Seniors Vie For Queenship; Final Elections Slated Mon. 
Headlines: Barry McCoy, Neil Carmony Named As NHS Semi-Finalists, 'Cram Season' Climaxed By Semester's Final Exams.
Here's a real oddity: Both of these issues have the same date and number,  Jan 21, 1959, Vol 3, No. 7.
Headlines: Rodeo Queen Named;Sandy Choice, 39 Students Maintain 1.0 Average, Operetta Set, Billye, Joann To Sing
Headlines: Girls, Be Prepared For Hunting--Open Season On Men, Thespian Society Adds 5 Members.
Headlines: CHS Speakers, Dramatists Win Forensic Awards, Trojans Cop 7 of 12 Awards For Leadership, Scholarship.
Headlines: 'Show Of Year' Presented By Seniors; 'Fabulous Four' Reviewed, Torch Staff Members Named For Next Year.
Headlines: Genda, Allen Lead CHS, Catlin, Tunnell Are Scribes, Secret Secrets Secret As Prom Draws Near, 2 CHS Seniors Top In UN Test
Headlines: Gerry LaBelle Chosen Trump Editor; Moore, Moody, Dooley Assist With Staff, Catalina Diamondmen Lead Old Pueblo Loop.
Headlines: Lochner, Moffatt, Williams Selected To Guide 1959-60 Classes, Seniors Go To Canyon Lake For Ditch Fling, DAR Candidate Announced: M. H. Richardson. 
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Headlines: '58 Class Sets Prom, Phelan, Ray Win Essay Contest, NHS Selects New Initiates
Headlines: CHS Graduates Seniors, Ditch Day Fun
(Issue donated by Mike Mayer)
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Nine issues supplied by George Roth, class of 1958 (indicated by NEW graphic)
June 3, 1959 provided by Mike Mayer 

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